What does it cost to use
the legal service of mehrabfindung.de?

We take the risk for you

We only charge a fee, if we are successful!

You do not need to have legal protection insurance, nor do you have to make an advance payment for our legal service. A fee is only due when you receive a severance payment. In a law firm, on the other hand, a fee is usually already due at the initial consultation. For this reason, many employees shy away from going to a lawyer. Our aim is to help employees obtain their rights without them having to bear the cost risk.

Our success-related fee is calculated on the basis of the severance pay you receive. In this case we receive a fee of 28% (incl. VAT) of the (gross) severance payment. If no severance payment is received, you will not incur any costs. You can also deduct our fee from tax (to be clarified with your tax office).

The amount of the severance payment is not regulated by law, but depends on the negotiating skills of both parties. Usually half or a whole gross monthly salary per year of employment is paid. By the way, you can calculate the severance pay amount using our free severance pay calculator

Why mehrabfindung.de is the better choice for you!


No cost risk

Only if you receive a severance payment will we charge our fee. There is no risk for you, in the case of a lost case, to still have to sit on costs (e.g. court costs, lawyer's fees) Furthermore, you do not have to make an advance payment or be covered by legal expenses insurance.


There are no hidden costs. In the end, if you are successful, you will pay a fee of 28% of the gross severance payment you receive. If we lose the case, we will bear the costs for you!

Easy & Simple

Just a few clicks and we will be active for you. All you have to do is send us the notice of termination and the employment contract. Our contract lawyers will take care of everything else for you. Absolutely stress-free.

A lawyer in your area

High cost risk & Expensive

Even the initial consultation with a lawyer can cost up to 200 euros. There may be additional costs for drafting documents and the more hours spent on the case, the more expensive it will be.


On many lawyers' websites there is nothing about the costs. Besides, you do not know how competent the lawyer is. The chance of success is unknown. The risk that high costs will be incurred is therefore high.

Time consuming

Hiring a lawyer is time consuming and stressful. On-site appointments, many telephone calls and the submission of documents cost time and nerves.

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