Frequently Asked Questions

What's a severance payment?

A severance payment is a one-off payment made by the employer to the employee. It is often paid when the employer terminates the employment contract. It provides compensation for the the loss of the job.

Who is entitled to severance pay?

Employees do not have a statutory claim to severance pay regulated by labour law. However there are situations, in which employees can require nevertheless a compensation for example, if a compensation payment is agreed upon in the work contract or in the social plan of the enterprise. Employers and employees can agree also to the end of the work contract the payment of a compensation in a termination agreement or a liquidation agreement.

What requirements are important for negotiating a severance payment?

If you have been employed for longer than 6 months and the company has more than 10 Employees, then you have good chances of success
Time is running though Werden Sie Become active at the latest 2 weeks after receipt of the notice, in order to let a compensation negotiate.

What's the severance amount?

The amount of the severance payment is not regulated by law, but depends on the negotiating skills of both parties. Usually, a half or a full gross monthly salary times year of employment is paid.

How does help to enforce severance pay for you?

Your cancellation will first be checked on the basis of your details. If there are any indications of ineffectiveness and lack of social justification, we will confirm the assignment to engage and finance a contract lawyer. The contract attorney will contact your employer and negotiate a settlement for you. If the employer does not comply, an action for dismissal protection will be filed. As a rule, employers are then persuaded to pay a severance payment.
Our promise applies: You only pay something if we have been successful for you and you receive a severance payment.

What does the service of cost?

You only pay something if we have been successfulvfor you and you receive a severance payment.
In this case, we will receive a success fee of one third (incl. VAT) of the (gross) severance payment. If no severance payment is made, you will not incur any costs. You can also deduct our fee from your tax bill (check with your tax office).

Do you have any further questions?

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