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A dismissal from a permanent employment in Germany is often unlawful. However, you only have 3 weeks to file a lawsuit against it. The team around lawyer Dr. Daniel Halmer has your dismissal checked by contract lawyers free of charge.

„After my illness, I was dismissed. Thanks to Mehrabfindung.de I was able to get a compensation of 3000€.“
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Daniel V.
„A normal law firm was out of the question for me because I had no legal expenses insurance.“
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Sonja V.

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of mehrabfindung.de:

No cost risk

Our promise applies: You only pay something if we have been successful for you! In this case we will receive a contingency fee of 28% (incl. VAT) of the (gross) compensation. If no compensation is achieved, you will not incur any costs. You can also deduct our fee from the tax (to be clarified with your tax office).

No fear of the employer

There's nothing to be afraid of. The dismissal protection procedure is a standardised procedure, which shows a high degree of rationality and often leads to a reasonable outcome for all parties involved. Our highly experienced contract lawyers ensure that the procedure is professional and that you are well represented.

We are professionals

Mehrabfindung.de is a service of Conny GmbH. The team of legal and technology experts around lawyer Dr. Daniel Halmer developed already Germany's best-known tenant portal www.wenigermiete.de and enforced legal claims for many thousand clients. Dr. Daniel Halmer is one of Germany's most renowned consumer protection lawyers.

This is how it works:

Fill in the dismissal details

Based on your information, the experts at mehrabfindung.de check the effectiveness of your termination. Notices of dismissals often contain errors that can be challenged.

Grant us a mandate

You commission mehrabfindung.de with involvement and financing of a contract lawyer. The lawyer is contacting your employer. If your employer doesn't give in, the contract attorney will bring an action against the termination on your behalf and at our expense.

Receive severance payment

As a rule, employers give in to incorrect notices of dismissal and you receive a severance payment.

Compensation for termination
without cost risk

Most dismissals in Germany are illegal. However, many employers take advantage of their information headstart and power position. They pretend that the dismissal is legal. On the other hand, there are the dismissed employees. They shy away from going to the lawyer, because there is already a fee for the initial consultation due. We have set ourselves the goal of helping employees to obtain their rights without bearing any cost risk. In other words: We negotiate financial compensation and only then charge a fee, if we're successful for the laid off employee. So far, we have achieved an average of 6400 euros in severance pay for our customers.

Why mehrabfindung.de is the better choice for you!


No cost risk

Only if you receive a severance payment will we charge our fee. There is no risk for you, in the case of a lost case, to still have to sit on costs (e.g. court costs, lawyer's fees) Furthermore, you do not have to make an advance payment or be covered by legal expenses insurance.


There are no hidden costs. In the end, if you are successful, you will pay a fee of 28% of the gross severance payment you receive. If we lose the case, we will bear the costs for you!

Easy & Simple

Just a few clicks and we will be active for you. All you have to do is send us the notice of termination and the employment contract. Our contract lawyers will take care of everything else for you. Absolutely stress-free.

A lawyer in your area

High cost risk & Expensive

Even the initial consultation with a lawyer can cost up to 200 euros. There may be additional costs for drafting documents and the more hours spent on the case, the more expensive it will be.


On many lawyers' websites there is nothing about the costs. Besides, you do not know how competent the lawyer is. The chance of success is unknown. The risk that high costs will be incurred is therefore high.

Time consuming

Hiring a lawyer is time consuming and stressful. On-site appointments, many telephone calls and the submission of documents cost time and nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mehrabfindung.de promise: You only pay something if we were successful for you, i.e. you will receive a severance payment. In this case we will receive a contingency fee of one-third of the (incl. VAT) of the (gross) settlement. If no severance payment is achieved, you will not incur any costs. You can also request our fee from tax (to be clarified with your tax office).

  • There is no statutory entitlement to a severance payment
  • Employees can negotiate severance pay with the help of an action for dismissal protection
  • Quick action is important, employees only have 3 weeks after dismissal to appeal the dismissal in court

The severance payment will be a one-off payment made by the employer to the employee. It is often paid if the employer cancels the employment contract. It provides compensation for the the loss of the job.

There is no legal entitlement to a Severance pay in labor law. However, there are situations in which which employees can still demand severance pay for, for example, if a severance payment is specified in the employment contract or in the the company's social plan has been agreed. Employers and employees can also be the payment of a severance payment at the end of the employment contract. in a termination agreement or settlement agreement.

Employers often also pay severance pay if the dismissal is ineffective or socially unjustified. Here, the employee can contest the dismissal and file an action for protection against dismissal. Such a process before the labour court is time-consuming and costly for employers. The procedure involves the risk for the employer that the termination of the employment contract is declared invalid and the employee is entitled to subsequent payment of the salary and reinstatement. In most cases, employers will agree to severance pay in order to avoid or quickly terminate an unfair dismissal action.

The amount of the severance payment is also not regulated by law, but depends on the negotiating skills of both parties. Usually, a half or a full gross monthly salary is paid per year of employment.

Your cancellation will first be checked on the basis of your details. If there are any indications of ineffectiveness and lack of social justification, we will confirm the assignment to engage and finance a contract lawyer. The Contract attorney contacts your employer and negotiates a settlement for you. If the employer does not comply, an action for dismissal protection will be filed. As a rule, employers are then persuaded to pay a severance payment. Our promise applies: You only pay something if we have been successful for you and you receive a severance payment.

After receiving the notice of dismissal, you only have a few days to negotiate the severance payment. Therefore, have your notice of dismissal checked immediately.

After receiving the notice of dismissal, you only have a few days to negotiate the severance payment. Therefore, have your notice of dismissal checked immediately.

Do you have any further questions?

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