Compensation Calculator

How does the severance calculator work?

You can use the free severance payment calculator to calculate the amount of your potential severance payment in the event of termination. The calculation is based on the rule of thumb Gross monthly salary x length of service (in years) = amount of severance pay.

What requirements are important for negotiating a severance payment?

If you have been employed for longer than 6 months and the company has more than 10 employees, then you have a good chance of success.
The time urges however! Become active at the latest 2 weeks after receipt of the notice, in order to let a compensation negotiate.

How much is the service fee of

The promise applies: You only pay something if we were successful for you, i.e. you receive a severance payment. In this case we will receive a contingency fee of 28% (incl. VAT) of the (gross) settlement. If no compensation is achieved, you will not incur any costs. You can also deduct our fee from the tax (to be clarified with your tax office).

Do you have further questions?

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