About us

Our vision: Compensation for dismissal without cost risk

Most dismissals are illegal. However, many employers take advantage of their information and power advantages. They pretend that dismissal is legal. On the other hand, there are the dismissed employees. They shy away from going to the lawyer, because there a fee is already due for the initial consultation. We have set ourselves the goal of helping employees to obtain their rights without you bearing any cost risk. This means that we negotiate financial compensation and only charge a fee if we are successful for the employee who has been dismissed.

The team of mehrabfindung.de is located in Berlin Kreuzberg, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 8c

On average 6400 Euro compensation

If you have been dismissed from an open-ended employment contract, you are very likely entitled to a severance payment. As a rule of thumb, you receive a monthly salary for each year of work. For our customers we have so far in the Cut 6400 euros taken out. However, there are some important criteria to consider:

Who we are

Mehrabfindung.de is a service of LexFox GmbH. The team from right and technology experts around lawyer Dr. Daniel Halmer sits in Berlin Kreuzberg. LexFox developed already Germany prominent tenant portal wenigermiete.de and for many thousand tenants legal requirements interspersed. Foundation goods test, financial test, South German newspaper and many more report on it >>. The founder of mehrabfindung.de Dr. Daniel Halmer is one of Germany's most renowned consumer protection lawyers and is asked among other things by the German Bundestag for his expertise.

Founder and Lawyer Dr. Daniel Halmer